Cadiz Asset Management (Channel Islands) Limited was formed in Guernsey, Channel Islands in 2012 and is a group company of The Spirit Organisation Limited, which also owns Warwick.

Cadiz is the manager of the Warwick Funds.

Warwick was established in 2002 and founded upon the ideal European model of a private banking organisation and offers a full suite of supporting products that gives the private client a complete and crafted financial services offering. Warwick Wealth has seen rapid growth and the business is now divided up into the following operating divisions:

* Warwick Funds – Guernsey International Funds

* Warwick Invest – South Africa Asset Management

* Warwick Trust – South Africa Wills and Executorships

Warwick’s Organic Business refers to the side of Warwick where clients are introduced to the company through any channel other than Warwick’s Intermediary or Merger Business.

Warwick Sponsorships includes:

The largest sponsor of bowls and a sponsor of bowls, croquet, senior golf in South Africa and other sports since 2002
Sponsors over 200 sports clubs and over 150 events per annum
Advertising boards at Barclays Premier League Football club Everton FC.

Regional Professional Network Managers coordinate the Organic Business flows via a highly professional team of Regional Specialists and Sponsorship Managers, based within each of Warwick’s offices. This operation involves hundreds of sponsorships and events every year. Every successful advisory practice requires a solid succession plan to foster long-term client loyalty, to maintain and grow value, and protect income.

It is a lonely world for many independent brokers, and with the FSB requirements for succession planning and continuity increasing each year, such planning is proving difficult for many brokers
Establishing the most appropriate succession plan with the correct partner is critical
Succession planning is established, if required, as part of the Warwick Intermediary Agreement. Once succession is activated, which is either at the request of the Broker or if the Broker passes away. Warwick will switch the Broker to it’s highly respected and successful Merger model

Warwick’s Merger Agreement provides for succession planning over the broker’s entire book of clients. Warwick identifies independent brokers, investment managers and asset management companies who are looking for either a referral agreement, with or without succession planning, or seeking a means of exiting their practice and thus realising the value inherent in the practice.

Warwick mergers:

Books of business that care primarily for local and international fund management, cash management, short-term insurance, wills / trusts and executorship.
Any suitable entity based in the major metropolitan areas of South Africa.

Regional Professional Network Managers coordinate the Intermediary and Merger Business via a highly professional team of Investment Managers and Regional Specialists. Businesses are considered, and following a successful due diligence process, are merged with Warwick.

Mergers create:

Fair value for brokers’ businesses, and
A unique level of income for Brokers and their families.
Succession planning, provides peace of mind and maintains client service.
Brokers can remain involved via an Intermediary Agreement, or retire with financial security via an Merger Agreement.

Warwick grows daily its number of Independent Intermediaries referring business